Important notice for those who enter / re-enter / return to Japan from Nigeria


Kindly refer to the information below and proceed for the necessary preparation before traveling or returning to Japan from Nigeria. The information applies for all the travelers to Japan regardless of nationality.

※All outbound passengers from Nigeria regardless of the requirements of destination countries are expected to present evidence of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test done not later than 48 hours before departure. Click here for the annoucement by NCDC.

※Please note that all foreign nationals who wish to newly enter Japan need to apply for a visa except for those with re-entry permit. Kindly click here for the detail of visa application procedure.

※【About vaccination certificate recognized as valid when entering Japan from overseas】
This measure has now been suspended.
(Currently, the vaccination certificate issued by the Nigerian authorities is not recognized as a valid certificate for the measures stating the following URL.)
(1) All those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are required to submit a certificate of negative test result of pre-entry COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours (from the sampling time to departure time of the flight)

(2) You are required to enter the required information at the Questionnaire Website before your arrival to Japan (at home, at the airport, on the airplane, etc.), and then present the issued QR code to the quarantine officer when you arrive.


(3) It is necessary to submit a "pledge" to the quarantine station. You will be required to pledge to not use public transportation for 10 days, wait at home, save / present location information, and install a contact confirmation app etc. 

(4) In order to carry out the pledge, you will need to have a smartphone that can use the apps required to present your location information. Also, please complete the installation of the required apps before entering Japan. For more information, please click here.

(5) You will be tested for Covid-19 at the airport and will be quarantined in the accommodation of the Japan government for 6 days. You will be able to leave the accommodation, if your Covid-19 test result is negative. After leaving the accommodation, you must remain at home , etc. and complete self-quarantine for 10 days after entering Japan.

Should you need further clarification, please contact Consular section.