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(Closed) Application for MEXT Scholarship 2019-2020 (Research Students,
Undergraduate Students and Specialized Training College Students).
Closing Date: 14th June 2019



Note: Please read the Guidelines carefully.

The Embassy of Japan will inform successful applicants
whom application has passed the first screening, as well as time, date of examination & interviews. 

All application documents must be fully completed upon submission to the Embassy of Japan, before the deadline. 

(Closed) Japanese Government MEXT scholarship for 2019 (TEACHER TRAINING STUDENTS)
  1. Flyer.
  2. Important Information for "MEXT Teachers Traning schorlarship" applicants.
  3. Application Guidelines.
  4. Application Forms.
  5. Placement Preference Form.
  6. Certificate of Health.
  7. Recommendation Form.
  8. Course Guide of Teacher Training Program 2019.


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[Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program]
Fellowship Programs
[MIF - The Matsumae International Foundation] [JSPS - Japan Society for The Promotion of Science]

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3         Please read the Guidelines carefully, as only applications which include all the required forms, certificates, documents and photographs can be considered.

4         Embassy of Japan will inform successful applicants that their application has passed the first screening as well as time and date for examination or interviews.


5 All application documents must be received by the Embassy of Japan by the deadline below.

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[JLPT - Japanese-Language Proficiency Test]  

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