Japan Passport Application

From April 1, 2022 (Reiwa 4), those over the age of 18 will be able to apply for 10 year passport.

Requirement for Japan passport application
1. Japan passport application form properly filled in -  Click here to download Japan passport application form

Two forms are available: 5 year passport form and 10 year passport form. Minors less than 17 years old may only apply for a 5 year passport.
(a) 1 Photo (45mm × 35mm, taken within 6 month)(Photo requirement)- needs to be attached to the application form.
(b) Please refer to the following link and fill in the form properly.
How to fill in the application form for an ordinary passport

Please note that the consular section staff cannot, as a rule, fill out the forms on your behalf. Please ask your relative or  acquaintance to help you if you cannot fill out the form yourself. Should you have no one to help you, please contact the consular section of the Embassy and explain your situation.

(c) For minors (those less than 17 years old)
A custodian (either parent) or guardian must sign the "Legal Representative Signature" section on the back of a passport application form. If the person lives too far to sign your passport application form, please submit a letter of consent with the signature of your custodian or guardian.

(d) Proxy application
Even when an applicant asks a spouse, relative within the second degree, or agent to submit the passport application on behalf of the applicant, there are some sections which applicatnt must fill in his/her own. Therefore please make sure that the applicant handwrote those sections. A proxy must bring his or her own identity card.
2. If your Japan passport has been expired already, a certified copy of the family register (original Koseki tohon) issued within 6 months
3. A document to prove that you stays in Nigeria legally (e.g. Valid Nigeria visa on your Japan passport or valid CERPAC card / If you stays in Nigeria as Nigerian nationality, valid Nigerian passport etc.)

The processing time
The processing time is 3 weeks to 1 month. (We don't have machine to issue passport. New passport will be issued in Japan and sent to Nigeria.)
Concerning the collection of new Japan passport
Only the applicant can pick up a new Japan passport with the application receipt given at the time of application, and the fee, within 6 months from the date of issuance.

If you don't pick up your new Japan passport within 6 months, it will be invalid.

Below are the fees for Japan passport (as of 1st April 2022)
  • 10 years passport (more than 20 years old) – NGN 57,150
  • 5 years passport (more than 12 years old) – NGN 39,300
  • 5 years passport (less than 11 years old) – NGN 21,450

More information about passport application is here  (Japanese)