Extension of the Validity of Japan Re-entry Permit

Foreign nationals with the status of residence who received a "Re-entry permit" before leaving Japan can apply for the extension of the validity of re-entry permit when it is still valid, and their re-entry permit may be extended at the Embassy of Japan.

Re-entry Permit

  1. Foreign nationals residing in Japan who wish to leave Japan temporarily and then return during the authorized term of residence, may re-enter Japan without obtaining a visa if they receive a “re-entry permit” from the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau or its branches in advanced.
  2. The maximum validity of the re-entry permit is set at “5 years” if it does not exceed the period of stay. In the case of special permanent residents, the maximum validity of the re-entry permit is set at “6 years”.
  3. The two types of re-entry permits are: multiple which can be used several times within the validity period, and single which is valid for only one time and has to be re-applied at the Regional Immigration Bureau once it is used.

Cases that can and cannot apply for extension of the period of validity

  1. Application for the extension of the validity of the re-entry permit outside Japan can be done within 7 years from the date the permit was issued for Special Permanent Residents, and up to 6 years from the date the permit was issued for those holding other status of residence. Extension beyond these periods is not possible. In addition, re-entry permits cannot be extended beyond the authorised term of residence/ period of stay. The period of extension at one time cannot exceed one year.
  2. Please apply for the extension of the re-entry permit within the validity period of the existing re-entry permit. In principle, if the validity of the permit has expired, it cannot be extended.
  3. If you leave the country on a special re-entry permit, the period of validity cannot be extended.


(1) Passport
A valid passport carrying the re-entry permit (stamp) of Japan that requires extension. Passport should at least have one blank page remaining for the new stamp. Please make photocopies of the pages bearing your personal particulars and re-entry permit stamp.
Note: In cases where the passport with re-entry permit has already expired, a new passport as well as the passport with re-entry permit must be submitted.

(2) Application Form for extension of Re-entry Permit
It must be completed (fill in ‘N/A’ where appropriate), dated and signed by applicant.
Please be sure to write “reason why you are requesting for extension”
Note: Application Forms are available at the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria also.

(3) Proof/Supporting documents concerning the reason for applying
i.e. Documents verifying the applicant's inability to return to Japan at this time (e.g. medical certificate stating the applicant is unfit to travel, employer's letter stating the applicant is unable to travel due to work commitments, etc.)

(4) Residence Card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate

•Additional documentation might be required.
•Applications to extend your re-entry permit should be made before it expires.
•Fee N10,700 (as of  1st April 2022 / It is due when the extension has been issued)

Points to remember

  1. For lost passports carrying the re-entry permit, please ask relatives, etc., in Japan to obtain a “Certificate for the Re-entry Permit Deadline” issued by the Regional Immigration Office and submit it during application. Note: In cases where one has no relatives in Japan, kindly consult the Regional Immigration Office with regards to the obtainment of a “Certificate for the Re-entry Permit Deadline”.
  2. The shortest period of time required for review would be 5 working days (excluding holidays). However, a longer period of time might be required depending on the context of the application. Thus, an earlier application is encouraged.
  3. Even if you have an existing multiple re-entry permit, the extended re-entry permit that will be issued by the Embassy will no longer be a multiple-entry and will instead be a single-entry. Accordingly, after the extended re-entry permit is used to enter Japan, you cannot re-enter Japan without securing a new re-entry permit (including special re-entry permit).